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Asics Padel Shoes

Asics presents its new collection of Asics padel shoes for the 2021 season, the quintessential brand of padel shoes that have more comfort and that incorporate a herringbone sole for greater grip.

We have the Asics padel footwear collection for women and at the cheapest possible price. Now if you buy a pair of shoes it includes free shipping in 24 hours and if it is not right you can change them for the correct size.

Asics Padel - Asics padel shoes at the best price
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Asics padel shoes the 2021 collection

Asics footwear to play padel tennis can be classified in various qualities, depending on their price and characteristics we can classify them in various ranges.

  • High-end , without a doubt we would have the Gel Padel Ultimate or the Gel Padel Lima, both models are exclusive to padel tennis and are the two most desired models, on the other, part within the high-end Asics range, we would have the Asics Gel Solution Speed, the lightest shoe that the Japanese brand has, recommended for players who are not very heavy.
  • The cheapest ones , if you are looking for the best price, without a doubt the Gel Padel Pro 3 are your model, but not for that reason less performance, since they incorporate a clay and gel sole.
  • Better value for money , the Exclusive or the Asics Resolution could be one of the two options that we like the most, since their price is not high and they incorporate front and rear Gel.

Normally all these shoes combine perfectly with the Asics padel racket and Asics bags, manufactured in colors similar to those of the collection, which allows us to have a complete kit, as well as having the best footwear to play padel tennis.

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