Munich padel rackets

Choose your best ally on the court with the new collection of Munich Padel rackets, one of the padel brands with the most projection in recent seasons. You will be able to enjoy all the quality of Munich at the best price, since its products have a fantastic value for money.

This season launches a complete catalog of high-performance padel rackets: the Fission, the Electro, the Atomik or the Magneto, but you can also find cheap initiation rackets to hit your first shots. In our online store, all models include gifts, don't miss out on yours!

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Munich Padel rackets at the best price

We already have available the catalog of products to play padel tennis from Munich Sport, a renowned Spanish brand that has experienced great growth in recent years. And it is not for less since it offers products for many sports disciplines, also specializing in padel tennis and adapting its catalog for both experienced players and those who are just starting out.

For its construction, the brand has spared no resources as it has used quality materials as well as innovative technologies. Choose your best ally according to your level of play, since the brand adapts to the needs of each player:

  • Munich power padel racket. You can choose between the Electo or the Magneto if you are an advanced level player, since they are 2 power padel racket with which you can easily take out the ball x 3. They differ in touch, being the Electro harder than the Magneto due to the materials used.
  • High-end Munich rackets. For those looking for more control, you can place the ball with precision with the Fission. And if you are looking for something versatile, you can take your best shots with the new Atomik, the most balanced of the advanced series. between
  • Cheap mid-level Munich rackets. These are less technical models, made with flexible materials for a better adaptation of the player. You can get the Atmosphere or the Ungravity, 2 versatile fiberglass padel racket that favor the adaptation of the player or the player .

Technologies of the Munich Padel rackets

As we have already mentioned, the brand has spared no resources in the manufacture of its products, so you can enjoy the best performance on the track. Thanks to their effort and work they have managed to develop the most resistant padel racket thanks to the use of 12k or 3k carbon fabric, which give the padel racket great rigidity.

The Rough Surface system has also been implemented to improve the player experience. It is an embossed finish applied directly on the planes that will help you give more effect to your topspin or slice shots. In addition, with the Comfort Hit Area technology, it is possible to expand the sweet spot of the racket so as not to lose control in the most off-center hits.

On the other hand, you will enjoy great sensations when hitting thanks to the use of EVA rubber of different densities. In this way it is possible to increase the sensations of power or comfort when hitting and the player can choose which model best suits their style of play.

It also features a new grip design called X-grip Ergonomic. This type of design favors a more comfortable grip so that the athlete can play their most intense matches without elbow problems or arm discomfort.

To finish, the brand pays a lot of attention to the finishes to guarantee a perfect design of its padel racket. You can choose between the most striking models and other more classic ones, but all of them are characterized by their unmistakable central X logo.

Munich's growth in padel

Little by little Munich Padel has managed to open a gap among the best padel brands. The Spanish company is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of sports shoes and also urban fashion. In its beginnings, it specialized in sports footwear for disciplines such as rugby, futsal, handball, athletics and boxing.

Its origins go back to 1939 when it was founded by Luis Berneda in San Feliu de Llobregat, with the initial name of Berneda. Since then, it has focused on sports and has managed to make all its products unmistakable thanks to its X logo, a hallmark of its own identity.

Little by little they have been expanding their product catalog, starting with a first collection of padel tennis shoes in 2017 and expanding their catalog to manufacture padel tennis rackets, textiles for men and women, bags and other accessories for padel tennis. From Padel and Help we are convinced that thanks to constant innovation it will become one of the benchmarks of this sport.