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Padel shoes 2021 , the largest collection of footwear to play padel tennis now with great discounts and offers, a selection of products with which you can practice your favorite sport.

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How to correctly choose padel shoes?

Choosing the padel shoes is one of the most important tasks for the player. It is not about choosing the most beautiful shoes, but choosing the most suitable for our footprint. So we must take into account our foot shape, footprint, body weight ...

There are shoe models with a wider last for players who have a wider foot, as well as narrower last for other types of players. We must always seek a balance between fit and comfort.

On the other hand, it is important that you look for a shoe that balances the weight with the necessary robustness. padel tennis shoes tend to be heavier than those of other sports because they have to have several reinforcements, that is why you always have to look for a model that cushions your weight, since the passing of the hours on the track, the knees and ankles can be affected.

And finally, the choice of size is another factor in choosing good footwear, since for sports it is advisable to wear half a size or one size more than yours depending on the model.

Shoe brands to play padel 

  • Asics: The best-selling brand of padel shoes . It stands out for being one of the brands with more cushioning, thanks to the gel. They usually have almost all models with a herringbone sole, for greater grip.
  • Bullpadel: brand specialized 100% in padel. Its sneakers, which are among the best quality on the market, respond perfectly in any terrain and situation, offering maximum grip in each movement of the player.
  • Kswiss: stands out for its comfort, stability and durability since it has DuraWrap technology that offers greater durability. Their shoes usually combine two soles, the herringbone sole and the omni sole .
  • Head: they introduce innovative technologies such as the Energy Frame, with which we will obtain great stability, as well as greater cushioning in the heel area, giving that area greater height.
  • Adidas: They stand out for the quality of their material and the technologies used to make their padel shoes . They stand out for their great grip and comfort with models for all tastes.

Type of cushioning in padel shoes:

  • Bounce technology : Located in the midsole, it provides excellent energy return thanks to small capsules that release a great boost with each step. A cushioning that we will find in Adidas.
  • Gel System : front and rear gel system, attenuating the blow during impacts and favoring movements and strides. This cushioning is found at Asics.
  • Dual fusion, Phylon : It is a system with two densities of Phylon foam, the one closest to the foot is more flexible, while the lower one is firmer. Bullpadel usually uses this technology in its footwear.
  • FlyteFoam : Used by Asics and it consists of organic fibers nested in the foam and along the midsole. It provides exceptional cushioning and rebound, reduces the weight of the shoe and remains firm.
  • TRI-NRG Technology: HEAD Total Support Technology. First, it neutralizes the impact; Provides increased stiffness in the midfoot to provide excellent support and prevent twisting.

Types of soles for padel shoes

  • Herringbone or clay sole : Made especially to resist the abrasion of this sport. It favors grip on carpet surfaces, also offering great cushioning thanks to the spikes on the sole.
  • Omni sole : characterized by being full of small dots. It has been one of the most popular soles in the world of padel . It is usually used on tracks where there is not too much sand, since the durability is lower since the small points are more abrasive when rubbing with the track.
  • Mixed sole: It is a mixture between the two previous types of sole. It generally incorporates the Omni sole on the inside front of the sole to provide better grip. The rest of the sole uses a herringbone pattern in order to facilitate sliding on the court and provide greater durability.

Padel shoes used by professional players

The sports that are used in the World Padel Tour are distinguished by their excellent quality. Professional footwear has outstanding features for a high-level game. These shoes have high-resistance materials, made by the best brands, to guarantee not only good performance, but also long durability.

The most current technology is present in them to improve specific aspects of the game that few shoes manage to achieve. In addition, with its exclusive designs, you can show off a unique and attractive style on the track.