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Padel bags. Backpacks and bags

Welcome to Padel And Help bags , our section for padel players. We have available the latest models currently carried by professional players to offers with which to get some cheap padel bags .

Find here the bags of Belasteguin, Paquito Navarro, Sanyo Guitierrez or Alejandra Salazar and carry all your equipment in an orderly and comfortable way at the foot of the piste. Here you can buy the best padel tennis shoes.

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How to choose a padel bag?

It is not easy to decide since there is a lot of variety in bags and the needs of each player also influence. We can list 4 basic aspects to choose our padel bag:

  • Size and compartments : If we usually carry a lot of equipment, it is important to have different compartments adapted to each type of material to have it on hand.
  • Protection for the padel racket : Keeping our padel racket in good condition is important since it is normally the most expensive object. For this, many padel bags have rigid compartments , padded interiors or lined with thermal material.
  • Comfort : It should be easy to transport, most incorporate adjustable handles to carry it hanging on the back as well as padded protections on the lumbar.
  • Materials : The bag must be manufactured with quality materials to withstand in good condition an intensive use or high loads of material.

Types of bags for padel

We can find a great variety of measures, so according to your capacity we can find:

  • Large palettes : generally incorporate 2 sides for rackets, a main pocket and a compartment for shoes.
  • Medium : they only have one side for padel rackets, main space and shoe rack.
  • Small : they already have only one main pocket and other smaller ones for accessories.

Padel backpacks

For their part, padel backpacks or backpack are smaller and more compact . They are just the right size to carry the essentials: a padel racket, clothes to shower and slippers. Their main advantage is that they are more comfortable to transport and are very light, ideal for those who travel by motorcycle or electric scooter.

Suitcases or trolley

They are characterized by a large size , so we recommend them to athletes who are heavily loaded. They are usually rectangular in shape and incorporate wheels to carry them more easily. The trolleys for padel tennis allow you to carry several padels as well as many personal hygiene items.

Gymsac bag

They are the smallest , made of nylon and are usually used to transport only the padel tennis racket and some accessories. They are very practical but do not offer great protection since they have been made with fabric. We recommend the gymsac for padel tennis to players who play occasionally .

padel rackets bag, materials

Most of the padel tennis rackets are made with materials such as:

  • Nylon : It is a very resistant material as well as light, so the most compact and durable bags are achieved. It is also a material that is very easy to clean, simply with a damp cloth is enough.
  • Polyester : It is a very versatile fabric with resistance to tension and tearing. In addition, it does not deform and maintains its properties over time.
  • Leatherette : Also known as synthetic leather, it is a resistant material that offers a great finish since aesthetically the leatherette bags are very elegant .
  • Waterproof fabric : Waterproof fabrics prevent the penetration and absorption of water, so all our equipment is protected against the rain.

Advantages of using a padel bag

From Padel and Help we encourage you to buy one of our bags, since all are advantages with them. The main ones are:

  • Protect padel rackets: Thanks to the use of thermo technology inside their pockets, the rackets are kept in good condition even on hot or cold days. In addition, there are many that incorporate rigid sides to avoid blows as well as padded lining inside.
  • Larger size: Of course they are the largest padel bags you can find, with large compartments. There are even some that incorporate a thermo pocket for the drink

Padel racket bags, padel backpacks and bags, choose what suits you best

When it comes to choosing what suits us best, we have to bear in mind that with the bags we can bring more material to our competitions, since their dimensions are wider. They allow us to store several padel rackets , clothing to change as well as footwear and other accessories. They are ideal for players who are loaded, especially in winter.

padel backpacks are more practical but also smaller, just to carry the essentials. In summer we will not have a problem of space but in winter, when wearing warm clothes, it may be small. It is ideal for moving around by motorcycle, bike or scooter as it is very manageable.

The padel bags can also be used to go to the gym , since they are very versatile. They have a large capacity so we can load them with our padel equipment in addition to using them for any other sports discipline.