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Bullpadel Padel rackets

New collection of Bullpadel 2021 padel rackets already available to buy. Some of his star rackets are Hack 02 worn by one of the best players on the World Padel Tour, such as Paquito Navarro. The next Bullpadel model, and the best-selling padel racket , is the Vertex 03 that this year incorporates the Hesacore grip. The offers in Bullpadel padel rackets that you can find in our online store.

The best Bullpadel padel rackets

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New Bullpadel padel rackets 2021, the collection

This year the firm Bullpadel has renewed its successful models such as the Hack and the Vertex and has launched new ones to continue enjoying this wonderful sport.

Next, we detail the collection of Bullpadel 2021 padel rackets according to the category:

Bullpadel PRO-LINE:

  • Hack 02 : It is the official Paquito Navarro padel racket , with a hybrid shape and characterized by its power and performance. It is not a control padel racket but its design makes it much easier to handle.
  • Vertex 03 : You will enjoy on the track for its magnificent performance both in power and control, with a diamond format, with a wide sweet spot and a high balance, chosen by the player Maxi Sánchez .
  • Hack Control: It is the version for players looking for more control. It has a round shape and its main characteristic is its level of control and precision in each hit.
  • Vertex 3 Control : A totally balanced racket in both power and control. Ideal for the most advanced players. This season we will see it in the hands of the player Chingotto .
  • Flow : Designed by player Alejandra Salazar . With a teardrop shape and a centered balance providing a good ball output as well as comfort.
  • Vertex 3 Woman: It has the same features as the Vertex 03, but with a lower weight (350-360gr), perfect for those players who want to give their all on the court.
  • Vertex 3 Comfort: New range in diamond format, and high balance in which the new Air React Channel system is added, in which greater precision is obtained in hitting. It will be the one used by the Tello player this season.
  • Hack Comfort: It has been designed in a diamond shape and high balance but with more flexible materials, since Fibrix has been used on the surface, that is, a mixture of carbon and fiberglass fabric.

Bullpadel AVANTLINE:

  • Vertex Avant : Designed with a diamond format, but without loss of control, thanks to its softer touch, composed of Fibrix on the surface, a mixture of carbon and fiberglass fabric.
  • Wing Avant: It has a round format, a large sweet spot and a low balance giving the player greater control and precision.
  • K3 Avant: The padel racket par excellence if you are looking for good defensive shots and good control thanks to its round format, low balance and an expanded sweet spot.
  • K3 Woman: Conceived for the female sector. It aims to give maximum comfort and convenience to those players who need a versatile and reliable racket.

Bullpadel MIDLINE:

  • Flow Light : It comes with a tear format, and thanks to its intermediate balance and wide sweet spot, it makes it a very comfortable padel racket.
  • BP-10 Evo: We are in front of a very complete multipurpose padel racket, which will give us a great output of the ball as a good defensive control.
  • K2 Power: It has been designed with a diamond shape and the balance towards the top to improve the punch. So we recommend it to players who are looking for an extra power in their game.

Bullpadel FUNLINE Junior padel racket for children:

  • Shake: Thanks to its round shape and low balance, it offers a wide sweet spot that will help us when hitting.
  • Libra: An ideal women's racket to start playing thanks to its round shape and balance close to the hand that will help us to place the ball with precision.
  • Hack Junior: It is the official Paquito Navarro padel racket adapted to junior players, it has a surface similar to an adult padel racket favoring the player's learning but with a lighter weight (335-345gr).
  • Vertex 3 Junior: It is an adaptation of the Maxi Sánchez padel racket but with a thinner grip and reduced weight (335-345gr) to better fit the hand.
  • Vertex 3 Woman Junior: This is the Delfi Brea racket adapted to the needs of young players so it has a smaller size and weight (335-345gr).

Bullpadel, the best value for money

Bullpadel is a brand that is firmly committed to the quality of the materials to, collection after collection , fill the padel tennis courts with its incredible and colorful designs.

Innovation also plays a fundamental role in the manufacture of Bullpadel padel racket; 18K carbon , Black EVA rubber , VibraDrive and a long etcetera allow these padel racket to be not only more effective but also more comfortable, manageable and durable.

Bullpadel padel rackets have a wide variety of cheap rackets , high-end rackets, initiation, power, diamond-shaped, control or teardrop-shaped rackets, which means a wide range of options to adjust to the needs and levels game with alternatives for everyone.

Without a doubt Bullpadel is one of the most recognized and prestigious brands in the sector with offers that any user will not be able to reject.

Bullpadel, the best-selling padel brand

The most popular padel tennis firm has its origin back in 1995 when a group of professionals with great love for padel tennis started this project. The founders were Spanish and Argentine, although the main process took place in Spain.

To make himself known, Bullpadel signed the best players of that moment in the year 95, such as Juan Mieres or Juanjo Gutiérrez. Thanks to this collaboration, the brand acquired a much greater fame and gradually became one of the leaders in the sector. It was in 2005 when the company underwent a change of owners, since Aguirre y Cía, SA . She became the new administrator and owner of the brand, introducing changes that made it even bigger from that moment on. The most striking change a priori was the change of the company logo , leaving behind the mythical bull terrier and becoming a "B".

Currently Bullpadel is stronger than ever and leading the sector. It has links with the Spanish padel Federation and with other regional federations, as well as a wide level of top-level players.