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Head padel rackets

Buy HEAD padel rackets in our online store, all the rackets can be found with great discounts. The Head Padel 2021 collection now available to buy, with its star model Alpha Pro 2021, the Sanyo Gutiérrez padel racket, the number 1 in the world.

The best Head padel rackets

Head Padel Rackets 2021 - Head Padel | The best deals
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The Head Padel 2021 padel racket collection

This season Head Padel has returned with a complete collection designed for both beginner, intermediate or professional players as well as models suitable for women. If you are thinking of renewing your old racket you can choose between:

  • Gamma Pro: stands out for its hexagonal shape and provides a perfect balance between power and control. This season it becomes the padel racket of Arturo Coello, being a 100% graphene model, with foam foam and graphene 360+ technology for greater resistance.
  • Gamma Motion: maintains the same composition as the Gamma Pro, standing out for the hexagonal mold. The main difference is its weight, since being lighter it is suitable for women. •
  • Head Alpha Pro 21 : the best-selling Head padel racket . And it is that the Sanyo padel racket offers the best performance both in attack and defense that is why it is designed for demanding players.
  • Alpha Motion: great manageability for its weight, between 350 - 360 grams, so it is suitable for both the player who needs a light racket and for girls.
  • Delta Hybrid: stands out for its punch, since its mold is diamond and the balance is in the upper part. So it will help you speed up the ball on volleys and shots.

Remind you that all the Head padel rackets that you buy in our store have a discount, gifts included in purchases and of course free shipping to mainland Spain.

The best selling Head padel rackets of the year

Although every season it surprises us with a great variety of models, we highlight some of its classics, the padel racket that are most liked by performance and design:

  • Head Alpha Power LTD : exclusive edition, made of fiberglass and graphene so it offers spectacular performance on the track. Its oversized shape and medium balance will help you get your best shots from any area of the court.
  • Alpha Pro: Sanyo's padel racket, one of the ones that hitting players like the most. Although it is very well compensated, its harder touch offers more power close to the net.
  • Alpha Motion: well known among women, it incorporates the same technologies as the Alpha Pro but with a lighter weight, between 350 - 360 grams.
  • Head Delta Hybrid: the most powerful of the collection due to its diamond format and high balance. Ideal for offensive and advanced players since its sweet spot is smaller and it is quite technical.
  • Head Flash Plus 2.0 : the preferred one to start with. It is very easy to play with as its materials are more flexible. So you can improve and perfect your technique while enjoying a Limited Edition finish.

Recommended head women's padel rackets

If you are looking for a Head padel racket for women, you are in luck because we also have padel racket available at the best price, normally for the female public a light model is looking for a great touch, usually control or versatile.

The best Head models would be the Zephyr or the Alpha Motion, both are light, the first being a highly balanced model that puts the ball in the exact spot. By contrast, the second model has more power and is better compensated.

Head Padel, performance and quality

If you are looking for quality and great performance in your training sessions or matches, choose Head . It is one of the brands preferred by male and female players as it has a wide catalog.

In each of its padel racket, the firm has developed innovative technologies in addition to using the best materials in the sector:

  • Graphene 360+ : new system based on graphene that improves the performance of the padel racket, since it is a more resistant, light and flexible material.
  • Power foam : high-density foam rubber core that provides a harder feel, thus increasing power but without sacrificing comfort.
  • Smart Bridge : new design of the heart that provides more stability, avoiding twisting when hitting.
  • Chip : new distribution of the holes that expand the sweet spot of the padel racket, giving it greater control.
  • Anti Shock : transparent protective placed on the frame that prevents scratches or scuffs caused by accidental bumps or shocks.
  • Ultrasoft foam : soft foam rubber that absorbs shock and generates less vibrations. You will enjoy a less harmful game.
  • Innegra : increases frame stability and improves shock absorption.

Head Padel, the brand

We can tell you little about the HEAD brand that you do not know, it was created in 1947 and began with the sale of skis in the US, from the beginning it began to lead the mountain market.

Already in the 60s, it was when he entered the world of the racket , among his great achievements is the aluminum racket , an achievement that allowed them to remain in tennis as the leading brand in the market and having among their ranks the best players . Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray are a small part of the great players that Head has had in their ranks.

But it is not until the end of 2010, when Head begins his path in the padel, as soon as he started he already signed the best ... Mati Díaz, Miguel Lamperti, Sanyo Guitiérrez, Alejandra Salazar or Fernando Belasteguin are just some of the most important players. Representatives of the World Padel Tour that have passed through the brand.

Among the great achievements of Head Padel is without a doubt having had Fernando Belasteguin in its ranks for 16 years number 1 in the world, in addition to continuing with another number 1 like Sanyo Gutiérrez, the only brand that it has always had for so many years. to the number 1 representing your brand.

And it is that the commitment of its players is transferred to its customers, manufacturing top-level rackets with a great value for money to become the best-selling brand of padel rackets in the world, this is Head.