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Bullpadel offers us a complete range of padel bags and padel bags, the most complete bags on the market and those used by professional players such as Paquito Navarro or Maxi Sánchez.

Ideal for all padel tennis players regardless of your level. You will find the best offers in Bullpadel padel tennis rackets in our online store.

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Wide variety of Bullpadel bags and backpacks

Find the most suitable padel bag for you with the new Bullpadel collection of bags and backpacks . We find both bags for men and women, all of them of great capacity and with extra resistant materials for a long duration, if you like leather you have the BPP-19003 model that is very similar in touch and visually.

Another of the main advantages of bullpadel bags is that many of them use Thermo technology , a system that protects the padels from temperatures and water. You can also carry them hanging like a backpack on your back, since the bags incorporate adjustable padded handles.

The most outstanding padel bags of Bullpadel

The firm has 2 star bags:

  • Bullpadel Hack bag: it is the official bag of Paquito Navarro , this year made with rigid sides very similar to carbon to protect your rackets from blows. It maintains the thermo technology in the compartments for padel rackets which guarantees that the temperature of the padel racket is the ideal one, as well as an independent pocket for footwear, as well as a main one where we can store the clothing or dirty clothes.
  • bag Bullpadel Vertex: it is Maxi Sánchez's bag and one of the largest on the market. It has a thermal system for the padel racket in both rackets, a bag for dirty shoes and small compartments to keep accessories close at hand.
  • Alejandra Salazar's bag, with an aesthetic designed for women, this padel bag meets the needs of every girl who needs to go to the court with just enough, a towel, spare clothes and a padel padel.

It also has other models, medium-sized bags within the mid capacity series for players who do not need so much space and the most complete padel bags for women , such as Alejandra Salazar's bag, all of them are manufactured in Spain.

For the more practical we also have bullpadel backpacks with compartments for all your material and rigid material in the front. Discover in our online store the best Bullpadel bags at the best price.