Adidas padel rackets

The Adidas brand lands in the world of padel tennis presenting its collection of padel racket for 2021, since its inception it has manufactured padel racket of high quality and materials. Adidas Padel is an official sponsor of the World Padel Tour circuit, and they have also been official Adidas padel of the professional padel circuit for several years.

The best Adidas padel rackets

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Adidas 2021 padel Collection

Next, we are going to show you which are the best models of the Adidas Padel collection for 2021 according to the type of game we want to achieve.

Adidas Metalbone . The new Ale Galán padel racket has been the most desired by the public, a powerful padel racket due to its diamond format and high but semi-soft balance so as not to lose sensations when hitting. There is also a control version: the Metalbone CTRL.

Attack Models:

  • Adipower Soft 3.0: The padel racket that the player Ale Galán, sponsored by Adidas , will play with, a professional player on the World Padel Tour, an attack racket with enormous power and soft rubber.
  • Adipower 3.0: Possibly one of the best rackets of the new Adidas collection and the racket that Seba Nerone will wear, since it incorporates Carbon Aluminized and Carbon 3k technology in its manufacture, the latest technology on the market in terms of power with a hard touch. .
  • Essnova Carbon 3.0: Possibly the series with the best value for money of the brand, a version with a hard touch incorporating carbon all over the face.
  • Essnova Carbon Control: Version with a wider sweet spot and a more appreciative touch by incorporating Alutex Fiber.

Control Models:

  • Adipower Ctrl 3.0: The quintessential Adidas control racket, a best seller and one of the most loved rackets by all fans of the brand. It is the official padel racket of the World Padel Tour player Alex Ruiz.
  • Adipower Light 3.0: Another of the most demanded control rackets on the market, the Martita Ortega racket , one of the promises of the professional circuit characterized by its grip and touch of the ball.
  • Carbon Ctrl: The carbon version of one of Adidas' control padel racket, hard touch, a lot of control and a great ball output.
  • Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0: Like the power series, it is a model with a very good value for money, a lot of control and a very fast padel racket.
  • Essnova Woman 3.0: The version similar to the control supernova, the difference is that it is focused on women as it is a lighter padel racket.

Adidas Padel, the cheapest:

  • Drive 3.0: One of the ideal rackets for players who start or want to progress quickly in the world of padel tennis.
  • RX30: One of the cheapest models with very good power.
  • RX20 Light: The lighter version of the V6.
  • Adidas RX10 or Adidas Match 3.0. They are the cheap Adidas rackets, the RX for players who want to define their style of play and the Adidas Match for those who are starting to play, as it will help us to master our technique.

Adidas Junior or children's padel racket:

  • Adipower Junior 2.0 / Adipower Girl 2.0: These are the padel racket chosen for juniors, a boy's version or a girl's version with colors similar to those of Martita Ortega.

Adidas Padel manufacturing with the latest technology.

To achieve superior performance on the track, the German brand has used its best technologies in the development of its padel padel racket. Among all, the most outstanding are:

  • Weight and Balance technology . System applied in the Metalbone to modify the balance or weight since it allows you to add up to 6 screws of 2 grams each
  • Octagonal Structure : a new mold design that adds more rigidity to the structure
  • More spin to your cut and topspin shots with rugged Spin padel racket technology.
  • Dual Exoskeleton Technology : ribs inserted into the structure of the Adipower series that increase its resistance.
  • Power Embossed that increases the punch.
  • Smart Holes Curve that improves control over the ball.

Adidas women's padel rackets

Within the new catalog of Adidas Padel 2021 padel racket we can find several models adapted to the needs of women, that is, with a slightly lighter weight 345 - 360 grams and a softer touch.

  • Adidas Adipower Light 3.0: It is the padel racket of Martita Ortega, one of the best players in the WPT. Presents round format and contained balance for greater control. Due to its carbon construction and Power Embossed technology, it is not short on power.
  • Adidas Adipower Woman Lite. Fiberglass has been used for a more flexible feel, so it is not a technical racket. Round mold and contained balance to expand your sweet spot.
  • Adidas Match Light 3.0. It is a padel racket for beginners that favors the player's progression. Due to its tear format, medium balance and soft touch, it is very easy to play with.
  • Adidas Adipower Junior 3.0. It is the replica of Martita Ortega's padel racket and is adapted to the needs of girls. Thus, it has a reduced weight in addition to a thicker cuff and a thinner profile.

The Adidas brand on the padel

Known in the world of padel tennis as All for padel or Adidas padel , it is one of the most representative brands of the circuit and most beloved ... Possibly due to the high quality of all its products, for incorporating the best players in its ranks, remember that Martita Ortega, Seba Nerone, Alex Ruiz and Ale Galán play with them, a cast of young and unique stars.

Also and for having great visibility. Above all, thanks to being an official sponsor of the World Padel Tour and official padel racket of the circuit.

The prestigious German brand not only develops top quality products to play padel tennis but also dedicates part of its work to caring for and preserving the environment. Today, Adidas is a pioneer in the research and production of new ecological and sustainable materials.