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Star Vie 2021 padel rackets the collection in detail

For this new 2021 season, the star brand has aesthetically improved all its models, and in some of them it has renewed the technologies to be able to offer the best performance to the players.

Among all the models in this new collection, we highlight the four rackets carried by the best players on the great padel circuit, World Padel Tour:

  • Star Fri Metheora Warrior 21 : The weapon of the warrior Mati Diaz. It has a round format and a low balance for greater comfort. A highly durable 100% carbon construction, in combination with an Eva Soft core for a softer touch.
  • Star Vie Raptor 21 : It is the official padel racket of Franco Stupaczuk, with a round format and a wide balance with a 100% carbon construction and an Eva Soft rubber core.
  • Star Vie Titania Kepler PRO : The racket of the backhand player Momo González. It stands out for its great control and precision. This racquet has a round format to have a wider sweet spot with a carbon construction. It also has the Soft version, Titania Kepler, with a soft-touch Eva Soft rubber core.
  • Star Fri Basalt Osiris : Cover by the young player Coki Nieto. It stands out for its tear format and centered balance, which means it responds very well in attack and defense. As the name says, it incorporates a basalt fiber in its planes, a material that improves hit control without sacrificing power.

Top Selling StarVie 2021 Models

The best-selling Star Vie padel racket of this 2021 season have been the following:

  • Star Vie Raptor 21, being high-end and one of the most balanced in the collection.
  • StarVie Metheora Warrior 21, for players looking for a good hit and ball exit with a medium touch and round format.
  • StarVie Aquila Space Pro, ideal for players who want a balance both in defense and attack with a teardrop padel and a medium touch.
  • Star Vie Titania Kepler 21, very manageable thanks to the materials used, making it a more comfortable padel racket.

Star Vie padel rackets , technologies and design

The Star Vie brand has spared no resources when developing its collection. Some of the technologies it has used are:

  • Full Plane Effect: rough texture that gives the surface roughness, notably improving the effects.
  • Aluminum Tubular System: an aluminum reinforcement in the part of the tubular in models like the Dronos Galaxy.
  • Star Balance: new piece in the heart that gives us a better balance.
  • Metallic paint on the heart and star of the padel racket to see changes in the color tone according to the light.
  • Grip: slightly longer, about 1 centimeter to improve 2-handed grip.
  • Basalt: in some of its models to improve its resistance, lightness and performance.

Discover the range of cheap padel rackets from Star Vie

The cheap Star Vie padel rackets is a range for players who have just started and are looking for an excellent value for money racket. Among them, we find:

  • Star vie Spika: It is recommended 100% for beginner players. It has a carbon construction for the frame and faces. In addition, it has an Eva Soft rubber core, so that players who are learning have a more comfortable hitting and with a lot of ball output.
  • Starvie Icarus: this stands out for its manageability. It has a softer touch, since it has materials that are more elastic. The faces are made of fiberglass. In addition, the frame has a mix of carbon and fiberglass, to be able to offer hardness and softness at the same time. The interior is found with an Eva Soft rubber.
  • Star vie Vesta: It is the female version of the Icarus. They share the same materials such as the round format, the Eva Soft core, the fiberglass and carbon faces. The only difference is in its lower weight (345-355gr) and the color.