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Adidas bags

The Adidas brand bags have been designed to guarantee maximum comfort in the transport of our padel tennis equipment.

You have the entire 2021 collection to buy, in all colors, Blue, Lime, Red, Yellow, black, gray or blue, large capacity bags, large to carry everything you need to play padel tennis.

Adidas high capacity palettes
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Adidas rackets to play padel tennis at the best price

Adidas bags are manufactured by a renowned brand that has been a leader in the sports sector for decades. Their high manufacturing quality makes Adidas bags one of the best options on the market to transport all equipment in the most optimal and safe way.

Adidas bags are made with top quality materials, with padded handles or compartments with gussets to enlarge them, of course at the best possible price and with the highest quality.

Selection of padel tennis rackets ADIDAS

Within the range of Adidas bags you have the Adipower 2.0 series of bags, which are the largest and those that are rigid, it is the main difference with the rest of the models. They also include a thermo function on the sides to keep your racquets in good condition.

The barricade 2.0 series of bags would be one of the largest too, with a bag to separate the footwear and a thermo pocket to store the padel tennis rackets. You can also turn them into a backpack and carry them hanging on your back.

The supernova 2.0 and control 2.0 series of bags would already be medium-sized bags, focused on players who carry little material. They have a compartment for padel shoes , a side for padels and smaller compartments for accessories, keys or wallet.