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Bullpadel Hack 03 JR 2023

Bullpadel Hack 03 JR 2023


Buy the black and gray Hack Junior padel tennis racket, a replica of the Paquito Navarro model that Bullpadel has adapted to the needs of children


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Bullpadel Hack 03 JR 2023 child's racket

Start off on the right foot in this sport with the new Bullpadel 2023 collection of products to play padel tennis. In it you will find models adapted for all audiences, such as the Hack 03 JR padel tennis racket in black, gray and blue details. This is the model used by Paquito Navarro adapted to the needs of the little ones.

Thus, it presents a lighter weight and a thinner handle design to make it more manageable. It also offers a great balance between power and control since it has a diamond shape and keeps the balance centered, so it adapts to any style of play and allows you to dominate any corner of the court.

For its construction, carbon has been used in the frame to achieve greater resistance and durability. The planes are made of fiberglass and have soft eva rubber inside. The combination of both materials provides a softer touch, so it absorbs vibrations very well and does not cause discomfort when hitting.

Finally, the part of the heart has been reinforced to achieve greater solidity. Don't wait any longer and get this padel racket for boys at the best price, we are sure that you will love it for its performance and design, since it presents the same aesthetics as the Paquito Navarro padel racket, combining black and gray with blue details.

Features of the Hack for black and gray boy

  • Specific weight and measurements of the Bullpadel Hack 03 JR 2023.
  • It combines fiberglass on the faces and 100% carbon on the frame.
  • Maximum comfort in hitting thanks to the soft eva rubber inside.
  • New heart design that increases resistance and stability.
  • Diamond-shaped mold and balance right in the middle for equal power and control.

Data sheet

Rubber Eva Soft
330 - 350 gr

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