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Head Padel Shoes

If you are looking to buy Head padel shoes, you have them available in our store at the best price and on sale. We have all the new 2021 collection models from the multinational Head, footwear with herringbone or clay soles suitable for both tennis and padel tennis, and as always, with maximum ankle protection, to avoid sprains.

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Head Padel shoes at the best price
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Head footwear is used both to play padel tennis and tennis thanks to the type of sole it incorporates, whether in clay or All Court soles. Great tennis players like Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova, Sanyo Gutiérrez, all of them top level players choose Head shoes to compete.

Within the padel, Sanyo Gutiérrez professional player of the World Padel Tour competes with cheap Head shoes , having an exclusive model. Without a doubt, a more than evident proof of its quality, this year it is manufactured in blue and black colors.

Head high competition footwear at the best price

We have a wide variety of Head tennis shoes , both for men and women. Depending on what you want to use the footwear for, you must buy the shoe with the correct sole, in Padel Head it recommends the clay or allcourt sole, however, for tennis we can find more variety. The top models are:

  • Head Revolt Pro : it is the best-selling model of the firm. They stand out for their lightness, comfort and grip thanks to the clay sole. This season the firm has launched an exclusive version for its star player Sanyo Gutiérrez and to match the clothing collection.
  • Sprint Pro : they are the lightest in the catalog. Designed for the player looking for speed in his game since they do not weigh anything and have the latest technologies for superior performance on the court.

In our online store you can also find cheap padel tennis shoes and many more offers. Take the opportunity and equip yourself with quality products to compete in your competitions.

Head men's padel shoes for professionals

Why choose Head Padel sneakers ? All its models are specially designed to perform at its best on the track: they offer excellent cushioning, perfect stability in fast movements as well as absolute traction on any surface.

On the other hand, some of its models incorporate a finer drawing of the clay sole, thus providing a less dry grip and making it easier to slide on the track. Something that fast players appreciate a lot.

In addition, their shoes are always present in the most important events of the World Padel Tour. One of its top representatives is Sanyo Gutiérrez, one of the best players on the circuit who competes with the Head Sprint Pro 3.0, the lightest model in the collection. It also has the representation of Arturo Coello and Edu Alonso.

Head Padel women's shoes, designed for them

More and more girls are playing padel tennis and want to equip their feet with quality products. The professional player Ari Sánchez has become one of the brand ambassadors, using her products in the WPT.

Head women's shoes incorporate the same technologies as men's but with a slightly more feminine aesthetic, with pastel and lighter colors, although we can also find some more original models. Within the new collection you can buy Head Padel women's shoes at the best price:

  • Sprint Pro 3.0 Clay Women: They are the lightest so they are ideal for fast and explosive players. They incorporate a clay sole, a Hybrasion anti-wear compound, as well as a construction with technical fabric that makes them lighter, breathable and comfortable.
  • Revolt Pro 3.5 clay Women: They stand out for their comfort, since the structure is made of mesh and has been covered with a PU structure. It is a stable model, with a clay sole, a cushioning system and TRI-NRG technology that increases its performance.

Head Padel Shoe Technologies

As we have already mentioned, Head is one of the brands that incorporates the most technological innovations into its products, whether in padel racket, footwear or other accessories for padel tennis. And it is that each public is more demanding, so the brand does a constant work to get offers on Head shoes and adjust to the new needs of athletes.

Next, the technologies that are usually used in the elaboration of their top models are presented:

  • Hybrasion: anti-abrasion compound that delays damage caused by wear and tear.
  • Cooling System: system integrated in the sole that favors ventilation. This together with the ortholite insole keep your feet cool and odor-free.
  • Drift Defense: protection in the toe and lateral areas to avoid trampling or blows to the fingers.
  • TRI-NRG: exclusive technology of the brand that contributes to better damping as well as greater balance in lateral movements.
  • Lateral Control: additional reinforcement that improves support and provides more stability, thus avoiding possible ankle sprains.
  • Delta Strap: fastening system located in the laces area.
  • Heel Stabilizer 180º: anti-torsion system located in the central area.