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Bullpadel Hack 03 Master Final 2022

Bullpadel Hack 03 Master Final 2022


Buy the new Hack 03 of the Final Master of the Bullpadel brand that becomes a limited edition with a red design with black details


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Bullpadel padel racket Hack 03 Final Master 2022

One of the most anticipated collections of each season is now available, which is the Master Final 2022 brought by the Bullpadel brand. Inside it you will find the new limited edition of the Hack 03 that has been specially designed for competition and that has a renewed design in black with red details.

As for its shape, it has an oversized diamond mold together with a high balance, making it a perfect power racket for the most hitters. In addition, its core has been used the multieva that consists of a very hard rubber to get the ball out with a lot of speed.

Regarding its structure, carbon has been used together with tricarbon which gives it greater resistance to blows to prevent it from breaking. On the other hand, they have nerve channels that help improve control and adaptia technology that allows you to hit the ball with a lot of power with hardly any effort.

Finally, it has the custom weight system which consists of some weights that help you modify the balance of the racket so that you can adapt to the game. Do not wait any longer and buy the model that you can see Paquito Navarro in the competition for the Master Final 2022.

Features of the Hack 03 of the Final Master 2022

  • The Hack 03 Master Final has been designed with a diamond shape and high balance.
  • Anti-vibration system for a much more comfortable game and hit.
  • Nerve channels next to the carbon to improve the resistance of the padel racket.
  • It has a Hesacore grip that helps improve grip and reduce injuries.
  • Custom weight system that helps to change the balance of your racket to your liking.
  • Marco Air react channel that gives it greater firmness against blows.

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360 - 380 gr

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