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Babolat padel shoes

The new collection of Babolat padel shoes arrives at our store, the footwear chosen by professional players.

Babolat has taken advantage of all the experience acquired in the tennis sector to produce a complete collection of exclusive shoes, the ones that grip best on artificial grass, cement or concrete courts.

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New collection of Babolat Padel 2021 shoes

This season the firm launches a complete collection of footwear for both men and women, collaborating with companies such as Michelin and Mondo to develop the most innovative technologies, if you want to buy Babolat shoes from the 2021 collection, you are in the right store.

  • Babolat Jet Premura : They are the star shoes of the collection, it is the official footwear of Juan Lebrón. They feature the Michelin rubber sole. Plus, it features the best of Matryx 2.0, a kevlar fiber outer construction, for added strength without losing breathability.
  • Babolat Propulse Fury Clay: They stand out for the stability and support they provide. To achieve this, they have an outer strap that holds the feet, called the Power Belt. This model features the acclaimed KPRS-X cushioning and a Michelin rubber outsole.
  • Babolat Sensa woman: The shoes of the player Victoria Iglesias. These shoes stand out for their comfort and solid feel in all your steps. They have a removable Othorlite insole and a KPRS-X system that protects the heel from all impacts.
  • Babolat Jet Mach II Clay: Together with the Jet Premura, they top the lists of best-selling Babolat padel shoes . A shoe for the light player looking for speed in their movements.

Why buy Babolat padel shoes?

In collaboration with the famous French brand Michelin, a world expert in ground contact, in 2003 Babolat launched its first tennis shoes under the leadership of Éric Babolat. The association of the two specialists, experts in their field, offers an undeniable guarantee of technical quality to the products.

The Michelin sole in Babolat footwear ensures the greatest durability with the best grip on the track. It is a sole designed to get the best performance on the surface of the court, allowing sudden changes of movements both laterally and towards the net.

With this exclusive technology we find the following Babolat shoe models:

  • Babolat Jet Premura
  • Babolat Propulse Fury Clay
  • Babolat Movea
  • Babolat Propulse
  • Babolat Ritma

The best-selling Babolat padel shoes

We list the best-selling Babolat signature models to play padel,

  • Babolat Jet Premura : the top-of-the-range model of the firm where innovation and design go hand in hand to provide you with the best performance, Babolat Men's top footwear. It is the first 100% padel footwear, with a new clay sole design to give you exceptional grip. They are also ultralight, facilitating the natural movement of the foot and reducing the impact.
  • Babolat Ritma : a high-performance model that provides great comfort, grip and flexibility. It incorporates the best technologies of the firm and the Michelin sole to give you the grip you need on any type of track.

Babolat, the step from tennis to padel

In the year 2000, always in search of new trends in racquet sports, Babolat witnessed the arrival of padel in Spain, Central and South America. The brand creates its first padel racket in addition to the accessories that already existed and accompanies the growth of this sport.

They have also been advancing over the years, incorporating one of the best technologies, Matryx technology. An exclusive and patented system, developed in close collaboration by Babolat and Chamatex, an expert firm in high-performance technical fabrics, although they are not cheap Babolat padel shoes, we highlight the great comfort they provide.

The fabric is made up of Kevlar and polyamide fibers, and has been specially designed to meet the player's needs: flexibility in the front, lateral support, breathable on the outside of the foot and resistance to abrasion on the inside.