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Bullpadel padel shoes

Equip yourself with the best padel tennis shoes with Bullpadel , one of the most acclaimed brands by the public. Their shoes are among the best value for money on the market and provide the player with the best performance and design on the court.

In our online store we already have the new 2021 collection available, made up of first-price and highly competitive models.

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Bullpadel shoes | Collection 2021 at the best price
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The new collection of Bullpadel 2021 sneakers arrives

Give the best care to your feet with the novelties in Bullpadel 2021 footwear . Discover in our online store its most innovative footwear, full of technologies to offer the best sensations to the athlete as well as a great design.

In addition, many of its padel tennis shoes are used by professional players, a clear example of the quality of its products. Choose correctly when buying Bullpadel shoes in our online store:

  • Bullpadel Hack Hybrid Fly 21: It is the official footwear of Paquito Navarro . They stand out for their comfort, with a sock-like design and heat-sealed seams. They also offer great grip thanks to the mixed clay-stud type sole with rotating disc.
  • Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly: for fast and explosive players as they provide great lightness. They reduce the impact very well and the stabilizer system reduces torsion. This season you will see them at the feet of Maxi Sánchez.
  • Bullpadel Hack Hybrid that incorporate the best technologies and stand out for their two-color design.
  • Bullpadel Vertex Grip: the footwear with the best quality-price ratio. Suitable for players who compete regularly and need cheap shoes that do the job.

Technologies used in Bullpadel padel shoes

If Bullpadel is characterized by something, it is by its colorful designs, in addition to the integration of revolutionary technologies to its products, thus facilitating the adaptation and comfort of the players.

Within its footwear collection, the firm has spared no resources since both the top-of-the-range models and cheap Bullpadel shoes offer spectacular performance.

  • Tricot fabric: a combination of mesh fibers and techniques that provide better flex, reduce weight and increase ventilation.
  • Sock Fit: The footwear used by professional players has a lycra sock-like construction, which provides better support.
  • Ortholite insole: an insole that prevents the accumulation of moisture, the appearance of bacteria and the bad smell.
  • Rotox: small rotation disc on the sole that favors turns and explosive movements.
  • Thermosealed: the seams are heat sealed, thus avoiding chafing or injuries to the feet.
  • BPS System and Stitch Insole: systems integrated into the midsole that reduce impact and create a more comfortable footprint.
  • Lateral Movement: reinforcements on the sides that provide more stability, especially on the side supports.

The best Bullpadel footwear models for women and men

In this new collection, not only boys will enjoy the best footwear as the brand has adapted its best models for the most demanding women.

On the other hand, World Padel Tour players such as Alejandra Salazar or Delfi Brea equip their feet with Bullpadel women's padel shoes , so you can enjoy the best sensations.

  • Flow Hybrd Fly 21V: as the name suggests, they belong to Alejandra Salazar's series of official products. They incorporate a sock-like fit, thermo-sealed seams and are available in white and another version in purple.
  • Beker Performance W 21: they stand out at first glance for their striking design. Without a doubt, the model with the best value for money that will be used by Delfi Brea.
  • Bita Tour Woman: the cheapest of the collection, ideal for girls who are beginning to play as they provide the best grip, comfort and support.