Nox Padel Bag

Nox continues to manufacture top quality padel bags, proof of this is the wide variety of models it has in its catalog, furriers with thermo function, compact backpacks and, if that were not enough, we even have trolleys to travel.

Buy in our online store the best Nox padel bag at the best price. This year players like Miguel Lamperti have their own paletero in three colors: red, black and blue.

Nox Padel Bag and padel backpacks on sale
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Nox Padel Bag, backpacks and padel bags at the best price

Nox, in addition to manufacturing padel rackets, has released a large collection of padel bags with which to carry all our clothes and products to play padel is made easier, maximum quality with a spectacular design.

Within its wide range of bags we can find high-quality, high-quality padel bags for women as well as offers on padel backpacks for players looking for a practical bag.

New collection of backpacks Nox 2020

We already have the latest Nox padel bags available, with different sizes to take your padel racket, shoes, clothing and accessories to the track. For the most demanding:

  • Nox Lamperti Tour: it is Miguel Lamperti's padel bag, with impeccable finishes and available in 3 colors: red, black and blue. It has thermo technology to protect your blades from the temperatures, an independent pocket for shoes and dirty clothes as well as a large central compartment.
  • Nox Thermo pro: robust and resistant pallet rack, with 2 sides for storing rackets and a bag for dirty shoes. It also has a compartment for keys and paddle accessories.
  • Nox padel backpacks: a wide variety of bags, with a very striking design and that allow you to separate the footwear in an independent and ventilated compartment as well as keeping your shovel in good condition.

Apart from the new collection, we have many offers in Nox padel bags with models such as the Nox Thermo ML10 or the Nox Thermo Blue. From Pandlanhelp, we put all the Nox quality at your fingertips.