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padel tennis shoes K-Swiss Padel

Kswiss footwear to play padel tennis has become one of the favorites for padel tennis lovers. The firm began to stand out in the tennis sector with its All Court, Hb soles and later with the clay or Espiga sole, leaving behind the omni sole.

Little by little a gap has been made in the padel tennis thanks to the manufacture of quality products designed for all audiences and especially for its collaboration with Mondo and joint work on technology on artificial grass.

K Swiss padel shoes - Kswiss Padel
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The most comfortable and innovative shoes from K Swiss Padel

The main virtue of k swiss padel tennis shoes is comfort , since all models have a wide last . In our online store we already have the best k-swiss 2021 shoes available, discover which models make it up and which one best suits your needs.

K-Swiss has always been a benchmark brand in the racquet sports sector . He started manufacturing products to play tennis and soon he switched to padel tennis. The new collection presents many novelties both in terms of design and technology, being one of the most complete so far.

At padel and help we offer the best k-swiss shoes at the best price . All of them have a herringbone or omni sole for a good grip and a durawrap system to improve their resistance, but if the kswiss footwear stands out for something, it is for its comfort since they have a wide last.

Kswiss sneakers for all tastes

Within its wide range of footwear we find models for tennis and padel tennis. Depending on the type of sole, we will have the traction we need on the track. Clay sole shoes are the most recommended for playing padel tennis. In the new k-swiss collection we can differentiate three ranges:

  • High-end: here we find the kswiss Ultra shot , high competition shoes that stand out for their construction with flexible and breathable materials. They have a herringbone sole as well as aösta technology to combat abrasion. We also locate here the k swiss hypercourt express , one of the best-selling models by the firm each year. We highlight its seamfree construction and durawrap reinforcement.
  • Mid-range: models like the Kswiss Aero Court are part of this series. This type of footwear has the best technologies and has an affordable price.
  • Basic range: here we find the Express Light , the cheapest Kswiss shoes but that take maximum care of your feet. They provide the best fit and great stability with every step you take.

All men's models have their version for women, being totally identical in terms of technology and materials. From padel and help we encourage you to buy kswiss padel tennis shoes, you will notice the difference from the first moment.