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Paddle Balls

If you are looking for balls to play paddle tennis, you are in the right place. At Padel And Help we have a wide variety of paddle balls and tennis balls. You can buy them in cans of 3 units and also in drawers, so you will get the cheapest balls if you buy them in bulk.

The main ball brands are Head, Bullpadel, Babolat, Wilson and Nox. Buy at the best price balls in our online paddle store.

Paddle Balls
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Paddle and tennis balls

The main difference is that paddle balls have less pressure than tennis balls, which influences the speed of the game and makes the paddle not so fast.

They can also vary in weight, which influences the bounce of the ball. Also playing with tennis balls on the paddle can damage the paddle itself. As for color and diameter, the two are very similar.

Types of paddle balls

We can differentiate different types, depending on whether you are going to train or compete, you can choose between different models:

  • Paddle balls for training: they are the most used in paddle clubs and by monitors. You can choose between the Head CS or the Wilson Padel Rush since they are the most resistant and cheapest. In addition you can also buy them in boats or in drawers and they are also suitable for tennis.
  • Fast balls: The fastest are the Head Padel Pro S, with a high quality rubber reinforced core for a faster and more live boat.
  • Sturdy padel balls: here we can find the Bullpadel Premium Pro or the Babolat Padel, a type of long-lasting ball that provides a live boat and happy game.

We also have cheap paddle balls, with offers in drawers so that they are cheaper than if you buy them individually. It is the best option if you are going to play a tournament since you will be prepared for all matches.

Offers in paddle balls for players

  • Head Padel Pro 3B : It is the official ball of the World Padel Tour, with which professional players play. It is a ball with reinforced felt to give the ball more life games and a very live pot.
  • Bullpadel Gold : They are a type of balls with a very fast boat, in this way you can develop a happy and dynamic game. They are also quite resistant thanks to the anti-abrasion materials used.
  • Head Padel : they are the best-selling for their fantastic value for money. They are ideal for those looking for an economical ball as well as durable.
  • Adidas Aditour XP : They stand out for their high-density core to maintain pressure and have a perfect balance between rebound and control.

As you can see, we have a great variety of balls at the best price. You decide which is the one that adapts to your needs and if you prefer to buy them individually or on sale in boxes of 24 cans.