Enebe NB Padel Rackets, the entire 2020 collection

Enebe Padel is a Spanish brand with many years of experience in the world of paddle tennis. Every year it uses the most innovative technologies and the most revolutionary materials in its collection of padel rackets.

NB can boast of having as a representative one of the best paddle players: Pitu Losada. A clear example of the quality of their products, so don't wait any longer and get the NB padel rackets at the best price at Padel and Help.

NB padel rackets 2020 | Enebe Padel

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Offers in seasonal NB padel rackets

Enebe has been one of the oldest sports equipment manufacturers in Spain. After some hard years, he returns stronger than ever to regain his prestige in the world of padel.

The brand has a wide collection of padel products designed to adapt to the needs of the most demanding public. So we can find from high competition padel rackets, through bags and technical equipment.

The most desired padel rackets in 2020 could be the following:

  • Enebe Supra Carbon: Due to its design it is one of the favorites, it is also a padel racket with great power for advanced level players.
  • Massive Attack: It is another of the power models that we like a lot and especially because of its carbon design, they make it very appetizing.
  • RSX Grapheno: Just arrived and with the same mold as the old padel racket we have the RSX of Grapheno, with all the new current technologies in terms of materials.

If there is something that stands out for the Enebe padel rackets, it is because of their quality. They are manufactured with the best materials and also with the most advanced technologies. Everything to offer the best performance and maximum player comfort.

The best-selling Enebe padel rackets return

During all these years, the firm has released many models: the Tomahawk, Textreme or the Vampire Carbon Red would be the most current. However, if we have to make a compilation of the most successful rackets among players, they would be:

  • Enebe Aerox Carbon 7.2: it is a versatile padel racket, which adapts to any style of play and provides a very pleasant touch to the player.
  • NB RSX Carbon 7.1: it is preferred by attack players, since thanks to its shape and balance it achieves more power when hitting.
  • Enebe Combat Carbon 7.1: it is the most technical of the firm, with a round shape and contained balance so that the player can better control the ball.

Enebe Padel for all audiences

As we have already mentioned, the firm adapts to the needs of the entire public, so players can also enjoy the best performance and design on the court with the powerful Venom Lady or, for the most versatile, the Combat Revolution Lady. You choose which girl's shovel fits best with your style.

Like all firms, Enebe also has the unconditional support of professional players from the World Padel Tour. Pitu Losada is the best known, and it is that he has been three times world champion.