Jhayber padel rackets

Discover the new collection of J'Hayber padel rackets , we assure you that you will enjoy the best performance and design on the court. This season has the representation of Agustín Gómez Silingo, WPT player.

In our J'hayber Padel section you can buy Agustín Silingo's racket at the best price: the new Dominator 12k, a versatile racket with which you will get your best shots in any area of the court. We also have cheap and initiation padel rackets.

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Padel rackets JHayber 2021

The Spanish firm JHayber has presented its new padel padel racket for 2021 . It is a very complete collection, where we can find models for all styles of play, levels and also for all budgets.

Take advantage of our padel tennis offers to equip yourself with all the brand's quality at the best price. This season presents the Dominator 12k as a great novelty, one of the best multipurpose rackets that you can find on the market.

On the other hand, a new edition of the Spartack and the Warrior returns, two of the favorite padel racket for players. And it is not for less since the brand has used its best technologies to achieve a spectacular final result.

Characteristics of the Jhayber padel racket

The Spanish brand offers resistant and high quality rackets, which can be used by both professional and amateur players. On the tracks of the World Padel Tour it has the representation of Agustín Silingo who this season competes with the new J'Hayber Dominator 12K.

However, we can also find intermediate level padel rackets such as the Warrior Carbon or the Spartack, two models that favor the player's progression. For newbies, the Jhayber Warrior Fit is available, a cheap padel racket with which you can take your first blows. For optimal performance, your padel racket combine:

  • 3D Rugged Technology to give the ball more spin.
  • Black Eva rubber to improve both the sensations of control and power.
  • Carbon High Tech for greater durability since they are interlaced carbon fibers that reduce their weight and provide greater resistance.

J'hayber Padel in sport

The Alicante brand has always been linked to sport, especially it has focused on basketball, tennis and, currently, padel tennis. The company was founded in 1972 in Elche and achieved great success with its first tennis shoe: "Torcha".

During the 80s, two of the classic designs of the brand "Olimpo" and "Athenas", went from tennis courts and basketball courts to hit the streets, thus becoming a benchmark for urban footwear . In 2012, the singer Dani Martín became an ambassador for the brand and began to design his own line of sneakers under the motto "being is better than pretending".

Currently the Jhayber brand focuses on padel tennis as a star sport since each has more followers, although it has also specialized in other lines. To make himself known, he has sponsored several tournaments and has several professional players.

Gaby Reca, Hernán "Bebe" Auguste, Miguel Lamperti and Matías Díaz are some examples. Currently Jhayber has the representation on the WPT tracks of Gaby Reca and Agustín Gómez Silingo "La Bestia", a clear example of the success of the brand.