Joma padel rackets

Take the opportunity to discover the new collection of Joma padel racket 2021. It stands out for its quality, since state-of-the-art materials and innovative technologies have been used. You can choose from a wide variety of models, according to your level and style of play.

This season we highlight the Pro Gold series, the most advanced of the firm so that you can perform at your best level, or you can also buy cheap Joma padel racket , ideal to get started in padel tennis.

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Collection Joma padel rackets  2021

Although Joma Sport is best known for its shoes, this season it dares with a wide collection of racket sports and dares with its new collection of Joma 2021 padel rackets . In it we can find models for all players, adapted to their needs and all at the best price.

Quality materials have been used in its catalog, such as Textreme carbon or 18k carbon fabric, materials that increase their resistance. Different density eva rubber has also been used for a unique touch and provide the best sensations to the player. The Joma padel racket can be classified into:

  • Gold Pro Series : high competition, padel racket for professional or advanced players. The Joma Gold Pro Power is the power racket, the Gold Pro Control is the control racket and the Joma Gold Pro Balance is the versatile one.
  • Slam Pro series : we find the best-selling Joma padel racket , for high or medium level players, since they favor the player's progression. The Slam Pro Power is the most powerful and the Joma Championship the most balanced.
  • Game Control series : initiation padel that will help us direct the ball and perfect the padel tennis technique. These are cheap padel racket of the highest quality.
  • Joma padel rackets for women : with the new Slam Control Rosa, players will be able to get their best shots. A light women's padel racket, with a wide sweet spot and manageable.
  • Joma padel for children : the little ones can start with the Game Junior, a model of reduced size and weight that both boys and girls will be able to master.

Joma in the world of padel tennis

The Spanish brand Joma and World Padel Tour reached an agreement in 2018 whereby the brand is an official sponsor of the circuit with its own footwear. For this they design the most complete collection of Joma padel tennis shoes: the Joma Slam.

On the other hand, it also specializes in textile collections, designing clothes for men and women that are the most comfortable. Thanks to his effort and dedication, he has managed to reunite his JomaTeam, a team made up of professional players.

Joma in the world of padel tennis , has the representation of Juani Mieres, Javi Ruiz, Uri Botelo, Víctor Ruiz, Martín Di Nenno and Javi Rico among others. In the women's team, Patty Llaguno, Teresa Navarro or Aranzazu Osoro are some of the Joma players.

Some of these players continue to play with the brand's padel rackets, some on sale and others of the latest generation, incorporating the latest technologies on the market:

  • 3D Spin, rough surface to generate effects on the padel ball when it is hit.
  • 18k carbon, there are 18,000 carbon filaments that are introduced into the surface of the racket to improve power and increase resistance, the Joma Gold Pro padel racket incorporates it.

Joma: one of the best brands in racquet sports

The Spanish sports equipment firm Joma was founded by Fructuoso López in 1965. It all started when Fructuoso López started working in a shoemaker's workshop to learn the trade.

Joma began with a family vocation and only eight employees working. Now it has 400 employees and six subsidiaries around the world (Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Italy, China and Panama) and with its own commercials.

Joma was a pioneer in the eighties signing sports sponsorships with footballers, tennis players and athletes. He also set a trend in football boots, manufacturing colored boots. Little by little it expands its catalog to other sports disciplines and padel tennis is one of them.

At present, it has a wide catalog in padel tennis, textiles, accessories such as bags and bags until it reaches padel tennis rackets. Discover the latest Joma Padel collection in our store, shipping included.