Do you have a website or blog, and want to earn money with Padel And Help?

We have an interesting affiliate system with which you will earn a percentage on the purchases made by the customers that reach our store from your website, generating profits from day one, with no effort at all and absolutely no monetary investment needed on your part.

Who can sign up?

Any website can sign up, as long as its contents can not be considered felonious. We work with individuals, sole proprietors and companies.

How much will I earn by affiliating my website?

You will earn a percentage on every visit originating from your website that ends in a purchase. Depending on the total sum accumulated at the end of each month, you will receive a different commission percentage on the sales made.

How much will I be paid?

You will be able to request the payment of your accumulated fees once you save up 50€ on your account, excluding whatever you've accumulated during the current as well as previous month – seeing as the orders placed during this period are recent enough that they might still be cancelled or modified. For example, from the 1st of September you may request payment of the fees accumulated up until the 31st of July, as long as the amount accumulated up to that date is higher than 50€.

Breach of terms

If you break any of the regulations set in place for the affiliation system, or we detect any fraudulent use of your user account, we will proceed to delete it and cancel any fees accumulated without warning. You can check a complete list of the terms regulating our affiliate system on: Affiliate system terms

How can I be part of the affiliate system?

If you comply with all the requirements, you can make a request to be part of our affiliate net by sending us an email to: